Little is known of the Kanuri peoples of Central Africa and their origin remain obscured in mystery.  17th century European explorers like Gustav Nachtigal and Henry Barth left some historiographies on the various Kanuri groups inhabiting the region yet these writings, for the most part (Nachtigal is often said to be an exception), are bias and lack real anthropological depth.  20th century writers such as Ronald Cohen haven’t faired much in this area either, presenting copies and interpretations of documents dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.  And while Kanuri annals provide a limited glimpse into the origin of the people, these records do provide clues that suggest a nomadic & pastoral origin possibly of Fulani extraction.

Traditional Kanuri women

The people in this photo are 100% Kanuri.  They make their home in the grasslands south of Maiduguri and east into the Bagirmi and Borgor regions of Chad and northern Cameroon.  It is often difficult to distinguish them from their Fulani neighbors and so they are often called Bororo or Adamawa Fulani.



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